And then, the moment arrives when you have to plan your move. How to even start? You have two options: you can move yourself, or you call on a specialised moving company. Can you count on extra helping hands from friends and family? Or would you rather hand over the whole job to Dockx Movers removal company?

Full-service removals

Carefree moving? Relax! Moving company Dockx Movers arranges your entire move, right down to the last detail. From the packing to the unpacking of all your household items and furniture, no matter where you are moving to — a house, apartment, villa or office. Contact us, at no obligation, for your customised price quotation.

  • Professional removal experts
  • Personal approach
  • Comprehensive removal services
  • Free quotation
Relaxed removals with Dockx Movers moving company

My brother moved today… This evening he called to tell me about how satisfied he was with the move. Two happy memories.

R. Dewallef
Move yourself with Dockx moving vans and moving boxes

Download the practical moving checklist Move Yourself. Keeps things organised. Find even more moving tips in the Dockx Movers booklet, Moving Tips and Handy Facts. Download the booklet.

Move yourself

You would like to save some money and move yourself? Your move isn't too big, a student room, for example, and you want to keep costs to a minimum? Or you are moving a senior citizen to a rest home? Be sure to ask your family and friends for help plenty of time in advance. All practical moving boxes, moving supplies, moving vans and ladder lifts are available from the Dockx Service Shop in your neighbourhood or on our webshop.

Moving boxes and packing materials

Moving company Dockx stocks all kinds of moving boxes, moving tools and packing materials to help you ensure a smooth move. Select your specific moving boxes. Together with your Move Coordinator, you decide whether to buy your boxes yourself or to let Dockx Movers arrange that for you. No time to pack yourself? Then contact the Dockx Movers moving company.

Dockx Movers removal lift with an extra removal expert

Removal lifts

Moving to an apartment or to a house with several storeys seems like a difficult job. A removal lift saves you time and energy. Dockx offers various options:

Furniture storage

Dockx Movers offers flexible, temporary storage of home and office furniture. Ideal solution during renovations, when moving internationally or when downsizing your home or office. Furniture storage is offered in combination with a move.

  • Individual storage units in two sizes: 10 m³ or 30 m³
  • Minimum storage period of one week
  • Dust-free storage
  • Secured against fire and theft
Storage units for furniture storage