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Extensive guarantees

The most comprehensive removal insurance on the market.

Recognized by the Belgian Chamber of Movers is a partner of and recognized by the Belgian Chamber of Movers. This is a professional organization that strives for qualitative, correct and professional removals.

Fast payout

To be able to compensate your damage quickly, we ask you to submit your tax return and documents digitally. When your claim file is complete, the payment to you will follow within 5 working days (Mon-Fri).

Independent claims settlement

You insure yourself with a 100% independent insurance broker. That way you can be sure that your interests will be properly defended in the event of damage.

Immediate coverage

Your coverage starts from the moment that you have paid the premium for your relocation insurance.

Don't pay too much

By handling your insurance online, the administration costs are kept to a minimum and you can count on the best premiums. By using a digital damage platform, the valuation of your damage is determined automatically. This way you receive reliable and fair valuations.