Moving home with Dockx Movers

Dockx Movers is your professional removal company with years of experience in home removals. Those doing their own removal can find all the necessary moving equipment, including moving boxes, packing materials and removal equipment at Dockx

  • Full-service removals

    Full service removals

    Carefree moving. Our professional moving team can cope with anything, from the socks in your drawer to that precious porcelain vase or your dog and his doghouse. Relax; Dockx Movers will take care of your complete move, right down to the smallest details.
  • Senior citizens move to care facility

    Senior citizens move

    For a carefree move from or to a service flat, sheltered accommodation, a retirement or rest home, or a health care centre, Dockx Movers offers a complete moving package for seniors. For special removal formulas "overwintering”, Dockx Movers is your partner.
  • Do-it-yourself removals

    Move yourself

    You like to do things yourself? Then a do-it-yourself move is right up your street. Dockx can supply all the moving boxes, packing materials, moving equipment and removal lifts you require.
  • Do you need a ladder lift and moving boxes?

    Removal lifts and moving boxes

    Dockx has all the moving boxes and moving equipment you need to make your move go smoothly.
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