Company and government removals

Moving your company? You’ll want things to be efficient and according to plan. Allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible in your new location. Government public tenders involving specifications are analysed and created down to the very last detail. Dockx Movers has years of experience in moving offices and government administrative authorities, local authorities and government services. As a removal company, Dockx Movers works on a project basis with a team of experienced movers.

  • Office and government removals

    Office and government removals

    Moving an office or government administrative authority needs to be managed with care. Our systematic approach will enable you to get back to work at your new location in no time. You will save both time and money.
  • Long-term removal contracts

    Long-term removal contracts

    Do you have regular moving projects? Dockx Movers thinks along with you in the long term. Our experts can draw you up a proposal for a long-term contract free of charge. Not only can you be sure of the best conditions and prices, but you can also rest assured that all your removal projects will be quick and efficient.
  • Archive removals

    Archive removals

    Moving an archive (cabinets with shelves or suspended filing system) requires a painstaking, methodical approach. Dockx Movers will move your archive according to your structure, chronology and classification system.
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