Moving boxes & packing materials

Ladder lifts

Ladder lifts

Moving to or from an apartment or house with more than one floor often looks like a daunting task. A moving lift saves you time and energy. Dockx Movers hires removal lifts in all sizes and weights. With or without operation by an experience removal expert. Ask for more information about the various types available.

Moving boxes

Dockx Movers has the right removal box for all your possessions: books, china sets, glasses, clothing, CDs/DVDs... Because items that have been packed away neatly are easy to unpack.

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Packing materials

Prevent scratches and damage. Dockx Movers has every sort of protection material necessary for packing your china sets, electronic goods and household items safely.

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Moving tools

Dockx hires a large range of removal tools to make your move easier … and to save your back! We have everything you can think of: moving blankets, securing straps, rolling boards, pallet wagons and dollies.

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